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Cindy first fell in love with flowers at an early age while observing her father carefully catalogue plants, save seeds and grow all kinds of flowers. Flowers also remind her of her mother, Isabel, who’s favorite place was her secret garden. Our beautiful blue 1950’s VW pick up is named after her!

After living in the beautiful town of Princeton for 20 years Cindy noticed the amount of floral shops in the area declining. She has always kept her gardens at home lush with colorful posies but wanted to share the joy they brought her with others.

She loved dropping off homemade bouquets to friends around town and selling them at markets. One day, while out on a delivery, she thought about how she might combine the two and the idea for Sprouts was born. If people found it hard to go and seek out fresh flowers, she would help bring the flowers to them.

After scouring ebay for the perfect vehicle she discovered Isabel, a 1957 VW pick up in North Carolina. It retired from it’s old life as a coal and wood transporter and after weeks in the shop and with lots of love and care from Tom, Dave and Colin at  Hopewell Motors, she was reborn as a beautiful flower carrier! Bruce Courtelyou and his crew from Cornerstone Carpentry outfitted her with some amazing wooden racks to hold the flower vases and with her new Sprouts logo applied, she was ready to go! 

This spring and summer will be our first seasons in business and we’re looking forward to bringing the joy of flowers to our community!